Bartending & Hotel Management

Bartending & Hotel Management

In India, pubs, bars, cafés and lounges constitute a major share of the food and beverage industry and it can be segmented into chain markets and stand-alone markets.
The chain market consists of companies operating three or more operations under a single operation.

Duration: 1 years


-10 th pass.

-Age : 27 Year

  1. Flairing Steps
  2. Work flair
  3. Fire work Flair
  4. Glass Identification
  5. Holding of Glassware
  6. Cocktail / Mocktail Presentation with flairing
  7. Garnishes
  8. Setup of Bar Counter
  9. Introduction of Spirits
  10. Knowledge of Wine & Sparkling Wines
  11. Liqueur
  12. Table service
  13. Basic of Hotel Departments

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