Course: BALLB (Hons.)

BALLB (Hons.)

India's legal profession is the world's second-largest, with more than 600,000 lawyers in more than 500 legal practices nationwide.
There are around 1200 law schools in India with around 70,000-80,000 enrolments every year.

Duration: 5 years


-12th class with 50% marks for SC/ST 45%.

-Age : 20 year for General & 22 for SC/STs

B.A. LL.B. (Hon’s) Five Year Integrated Course (Syllabus)
Semester I
BALLB 105: Law of Torts, including The MV & Consumer Protection Law
BALLB 106: Family Law-I
Semester II
BALLB 203: Sociology-II
BALLB 204: Political Science-II
BALLB 205: Law of Crimes-I
BALLB 206: Family Law-II
Semester III
BALLB 301: History III
BALLB 302: Economics-I
BALLB 303: Sociology-III
BALLB 304: Constitutional Law -I
BALLB 305: Law of Contract –I
BALLB 306: Environmental Law
Semester IV
BALLB 401: English III ( Legal language )
BALLB 402: Economics-II
BALLB 403: Political Science-III
BALLB 404: Law of Contract –II
BALLB 405: Jurisprudence
BALLB 406: Constitutional Law –II
Semester V
BALLB 501: Public Administration-I
BALLB 502: Psychology -I
BALLB 503: Economics-III
BALLB 504: Business Law
BALLB 505: Law of Crimes-II
BALLB 506: Company Law
Semester VI
BALLB 601: Public Administration-II
BALLB 602: Psychology-II
BALLB 603: Civil Procedural Law and Limitation Act
BALLB 604: Law of Evidence
BALLB 605: Public International Law
BALLB 606: Administrative Law and RTI
Semester VII
BALLB 701: Journalism and Mass Communication-I
BALLB 702: Labor & Industrial Laws-I
BALLB 703: Cyber Law
BALLB 704: Alternate Dispute Resolution (Practical-I)
BALLB 705(a): International Humanitarian and Refugee Law (Optional)
BALLB 705(b): International Criminal Law and ICC
BALLB 705(c): International Labor Organization and Labor laws (Optional)
BALLB 706(a): Woman and Law
BALLB 706(b): Election Law
Semester VIII
BALLB 801: Journalism and Mass Communication-II
BALLB 802: Interpretation of Statutes
BALLB 803: Labor and Industrial Law-II
BALLB 804: Professional l Ethics and Professional Accounting System (Practical clinical Paper -II)
BALLB 805(a): Intellectual Property Rights
BALLB 805(b): Comparative Law
BALLB 806(a): Criminology
BALLB 806(b): Socio-Economic Offence
Semester IX
BALLB 901: Media law (Optional
BALLB 902: Property Law and Indian Easement Act-1882
BALLB 903: Drafting , Pleading and Convincing (Practical/Clinical Paper-III)
BALLB 904: Equity, Trust and Other Fiduciary Obligations.
BALLB 905(a): Human Right Law
BALLB 905(b): Health Care Law
BALLB 905(c): Law, Poverty and Development
BALLB 906(a): Local Self Government Including Panchayat Administration
BALLB 906(b): Corporate Governance (Optional)
BALLB 906(c): Insurance Law (Optional)
Semester X
BALLB 1001: Taxation Laws
BALLB 1002: Land Laws
BALLB 1003: Banking Law
BALLB 1004: Moot court Exercise and Internship (Practical Paper)-IV
BALLB 1005(a): Capital Market Regulation (Optional)
BALLB 1005(b): Competition Law(Optional)
BALLB 1005(c): Law on Corporate Finance (Optional)
BALLB 1006(a): International Trade Law
BALLB 1006(b): International Organizations (Optional)
BALLB 1006(c): Private International Law (Optional)

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