About Us

Social Health and Educational Development Society of Hospitality Management (SHEDS-HM) has great campus with 10000+ Sq ft area and is located in the heart of the city near New Bus Stand, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. It is our constant endeavor to equip our students with skills and knowledge and to groom students in such a way that students are ready for a rewarding and fulfilling career Hospitality industry. At SHEDS-HM College, we not only enhance the core technical skills butalso work on soft skills of our students which are responsible for a bigger part of success in life.



SHEDS College priority is to ensure students placement and to be recognised in higher education community.Our college focuses more on quality of education.



We strive to:

  • Provide educational opportunities to those who have the potential and creativity; to upgrade their skills at an international level to compete globally.
  • Provide international education and experience to meet the rapidly emerging and changing needs of the human resources around the globe.

Values and Principles

SHEDS College embrace basic institutional values that guide the fulfilment of our Mission:

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Open methods (open standards)
  • Devotion to community and progressive support
  • Ethical considerations
  • Shared leadership in decision-making
  • Self-leadership
  • Excellence – We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in all we do; we exemplify this value by providing programs and services that ensure excellence in teaching and learning, student services, and organizational efficiency.
  • Student Success – Helping every student to achieve success is our highest priority. We are committed to promoting a climate of student success and to providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning; creating and expanding educational opportunities and support services is paramount to our mission.
  • Student Engagement –We are committed to enhance and promote student engagement by engaging our students as active learners and by providing a broad range of educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Globalization – We seek to establish connections and relationships locally, nationally, and globally.

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